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FOX 47 Sales & Marketing Team

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We are here to help you see if television advertising is right for you. We don't just sell advertising, we sell service. One of the great myths of television advertising is that it is too expensive, especially for smaller businesses. We believe that we can show you a marketing schedule on FOX 47 and that will fit with your advertising budget and bring you increased traffic.

We consider ourselves advertising consultants as well as sales people. To that end, we like to meet with advertisers who have questions about the whole process. We can help you understand what ratings mean and what kinds of costs are involved with being on TV. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised about what we can do for you as a client.

If you want to set up a no-pressure consultation to explore your advertising options, please call Gary Baxter, General Sales Manager, at (517) 702-3150.

Vice President & General Manager:
Gary Baxter
(517) 702-3150

National Sales Manager:
Jami Anderson
(517) 702-3129

General Sales Manager:
Joe Antonelli
(517) 702-3147

Research Coordinator:
Alexandrea Andersen                                                                                                                         
(517) 702-3136

Local Sales Team:

Christine Ramon
(517) 702-3132

Dana Kromer
(517) 702-3130

Dan Lomas
(517) 702-3151

Don Garchow
(517) 702-3124

Kevin Brown                                                                                                                            
(517) 702-3127

Kevin Manz
(517) 702-3128

Tracy Simon
(517) 702-3131


Why should I advertise?

Why should I advertise on FOX 47 WSYM?

How much does it cost?

What's involved in producing a commercial?

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